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New study program at FHN Cultural Studies and Bosnian Studies

The four-year study program in the field of Cultural Studies and Bosnian Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar was created according to the Bologna principles of study, and 2020/2021. enrolls the first generation of students in the first cycle (undergraduate) study. This two-subject study program is designed in the wake of contemporary trends in the humanities and social sciences with the aim of offering the possibility of comparative study of Bosnian literature and culture and the Bosnian language with general cultural concepts such as globalization, identity forms, minority identities, culture and digital age.

By launching this study program at the Faculty of Humanities of the Džemal Bijedić University in Mostar, we want to show reflection on Bosnian studies as a reservoir of our cultural identities that cannot be separated from the overall trends in Europe and the world. In this sense, this study program, unlike classical studies of culturology or classical studies of Bosnian language and literature, focuses on linguistics and the science of literature as forms of culture and questions their place in global trends. The focus of the study program is multidisciplinarity, so students will acquire knowledge in the field of ethnology, sociology of culture and art, communication, foreign languages, cultural theories, minority cultures.

The title of the four-year study program is Bachelor of Cultural Studies and Bosnian Studies, and students will be able to work in the field of cultural tourism, cultural industries, state and non-governmental sector, media, as well as various institutions dealing with the preservation of Bosnian language, literature and history. in diaspora countries where citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live. In addition to interaction with the social community, respect for modern scientific achievements in the field of Bosnian studies, but also humanities and social sciences in general, the teaching process will, with a classical approach, emphasize active student engagement in the form of seminars, interactive workshops and student internships. , travel and study in related studies outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Upon completion of the four-year study, students would have the opportunity to study for a master's degree, which could allow them to further professionally improve as professors of Bosnian language and literature or culturologists.

Podaci o upisnim kvotama se odnose na upis 2019/2020.

Podaci za 2020/2021 biti će objavljeni nakon usvajanja novih upisnih kvota.

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